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History to the Future

CAP originated in Illinois in 1994 as the Christian Association of Primetimers: a Christian alternative to AARP.   WHAT IS AARP?  It is a $1.6 Billion member benefits organization for Americans age 50+ that offers savings on a variety of products and services.  It also lobbies politicians on behalf of its members.  Because AARP has noticably leaned "to the left", several "right leaning" organizations were created as conservative alternatives to AARP.  CAP was created to be a faith-based, non-political alternative to AARP.  CAP was acquired by The Total Living Network, then Jones Publishing that became JP Media LLC in Iola, Wisconsin.


CAP is now under new ownership in the great state of Texas.

CAP is a religious organization - not a political organization.

CAP has not and will not lobby politicians on behalf of its members.

CAP will not give monies to politicians or political parties.

Our focus is on our faith and the body of Christ.


Politics divide, yet our faith in Jesus Christ is what defines us and brings us together.

As an organization, if we ever promote anything political,
it will only be as it pertains to all of us as Christians.

WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN Christ Above Politics™?
(because one or more of the following apply to you)

#1.   You are one of the few who would rather minister & mend than argue and divide

#2.   You want products and services to purposefully enrich your life

#3.  You like to save money in small and large ways

#4.   Supporting us will support Christian owned businesses

#5.  Supporting us will support a variety of Christian ministries

#6.  You can partake of both online benefits as well as in-person benefits

#7.  Benefits will be threefold:  national, individual states, plus local major metroplitan areas

#8.   Members will have opportunities to interact with each other

#9.   You will be informed of Christian concerts and other events that may interest you

#10.  If your neighbor asks you to go a mile, you're supposed to go with him two.
So we're asking:  Will you join us?​

PLEASE NOTE:  Membership in one organization does not exclude you from any other,  so if you already belong to AARP, AMAC or any similar organization, yet our plans and purpose has resonated with you, then please consider joining us as we purpose in our hearts and take action in our lives to place Christ Above Politics.


  • You agree with the concept of Christ Above Politics.
  • You agree with the Member Statement of Benefits.
  • You agree with the Terms of Membership.
  • You pay to be a member of Christ Above Politics.
  • We provide you with access to a "Members Only" area.
  • You can use as many or as few of the Benefits as you like.
  • We provide you with a digital printable membership card. 
  • We continually work on expanding and improving benefits
  • You continue to enjoy the added benefits and tell others
  • Everyone thanks God for the blessings we receive and bestow

Membership Fees & Operational Costs

It takes manpower and resources to operate a business successfully.   

Membership fees are used to pay all operational costs:  the creation and maintenance of the websites, toll-free phone, members only area, member benefits, letters and/or newsletters, advertising, and office expenses.   

Commissions & Referral fees.  We may or may not receive referral fees from our partners, in order to pass along maximum savings to our members.  Commissions are earned from insurance products and that pays the owner for his work.  Please remember to use your CAP member benefits.

Operational Costs will be continually evaluated to stay profitable while reaching many more Christians throughout the United States.

Thank You for being part of this unique Christian Association, this growing movement, a gathering of Christ-first individuals and families from coast to coast.


We look forward to becoming a valuable resource whenever you're interested in:

  • Wise Stewardship of your time and money
  • A night of wholesome entertainment
  • Finding the perfect gift for a family member
  • You need household services
  • Business services
  • Auto services
  • Insurance and financial savings
  • Looking for a Christian owned business
  • In search of a new job or employee
  • Ministering to someone in a new effective way
We will provide a safe online environment for members who would like to interact.

We are here to bless our members and their families in ways they are not even expecting.