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Members Statement of Faith

We are Christians
We are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ
Jesus of Nazareth - Yeshua - born in Bethlehem
Born of a virgin who conceived from the Holy Spirit
Jesus was God, is God, and will forever be God
He was The Word made flesh that dwelt among us

​The creator of all things
Jesus was the Christ - the Messiah
He lived a perfect sin-free life
He purposefully gave up his life to die for our sins
As the perfect passover lamb
He was tortured on our behalf
He was nailed to a cross
He died because the wages of sin is death
Yet he conquered death and the grave
Jesus rose from the dead
He was seen and heard by many
He then ascended into heaven
He is seated at the right hand of the Father
​There he makes intercession for us
Everyone will see Jesus when He returns
He will be a righteous Judge
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

We receive forgiveness of sins through him
We receive the gift of eternal life through him
The only way to the Father in heaven is through him
Jesus is our Savior and our King
We love and serve him
Therefore we will share the gospel of Jesus Christ
because the gospel is good news!

As a member of Christ Above Politics
It is my intention to put my relationship with God first
To base my life and my decisions on the word of God
This may result in spending less time on politics
Or taking a break from it
So I can devote more time to reading the Bible
More time in prayer and worshiping Him
And more time ministering to others
Rather than arguing and fighting
I want to be pleasing to God
and a blessing to others
Therefore that is exactly what I will do
Both outside of and within
this like-minded body of believers
My brothers & sisters in Christ
who have also agreed
to put Christ above politics
Because Jesus is more important than any politician
or any political party
And deserves more of my heart

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