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Terms of Membership 

Please read and agree with each term before choosing a membership

  1.   I Agree with the Member Statement of Faith
  2.   I Understand that Christ Above Politics™ is a Christian Association whose membership is voluntary
  3.   I Understand that membership is a privilege that can be rescinded by breaking any of these Terms of Membership
  4.   I promise to supply only correct information about myself, my family, and form of payment
  5.   My membership in Christ Above Politics™ is to be used for my personal use only. 
  6.   My membership in Christ Above Politics™ allows my lawfully wedded spouse to share in my membership benefits.
    (Lifetime memberships include option to add spouse for additional fee;  Spouses can print their own membership cards)
  7.   A Saint or Lifetime membership in Christ Above Politics™ allows my legal dependents of any age to benefit from my membership for an extra fee.  (however they are not allowed to use my membership without my permission, can not pretend to be me or my spouse, can not sign any legal documents for me or my spouse, can not make any adjustments to my membership, and must identify themselves as my dependent when using the membership and only within age appropriate circumstances.)
  8.   A Lifetime membership is for members who at time of enrollment are at least 60 years of age.
  9.   A Basic Membership, Servant, or Saint membership can be acquired by an adult under 60 years of age.
  10.   All memberships are currently for those who are legal citizens of the United States of America and its territories.
  11.   I will not cause any harm to Christ Above Politics, LLC, its members, its partners, its owners and employees.
  12.   My spouse and dependents will not cause any harm to Christ Above Politics LLC, its members, partners, owners, employees.
  13.   My conduct will be kind and respectful at all times with all members of Christ Above Politics™, its partners, owners and employees.   As much as possible, I will ensure my spouse and dependents conduct themselves in the same manner.
  14.   I will only supply legal forms of payment that belong to me, the person who enrolls for membership.
  15.   I will ensure that any credit card or bank payment used to maintain my membership has adequate funds at the time of auto renewal.    If my previous form of payment is no longer valid, then it is my responsibility to update my form of payment online with Christ Above Politics™ prior to renewal.  Failure to renew will result in cancellation of membership.   I will be sent reminders via mail and/or email to renew; however, it is my responsibility to renew on time regardless of reminders. 
  16.  CANCELLATION POLICY:   If I, as a member, desire to end my membership with Christ Above Politics™, then I must make that request in writing, mailed with the return address as my current home address on file.   Neither my spouse nor my dependents may do that for me unless they provide proof that I am dead or mentally or physically incapacitated.   I will include my current phone number along with my signature.   My membership card will be deactivated.   Memberships will be pro-rated based upon length of time membership was used - $15/year is the standard of measure with a 1 year non-refundable minimum.    If I am allowed to rejoin in the future, it will be for a lifetime membership only with no opportunity for refund.   YES, WE WANT TO DISCOURAGE JOINING THEN CANCELLING.   There are some people who excel at this.   An attempt to receive membership benefits or services from our partners while not a member could result in no discount and possibly no service.
  17. BAD CHECKS / CREDIT CARD INSUFFICIENT FUNDS:  If we are charged a fee then you will be billed the amount of that fee.  Failure by the member to pay the fee within 30 days of notification will result in termination of membership.
  18.  If  I am ever dissatisfied with any particular product or service or view or opinion expressed by Christ Above Politics™ or one of its members or partners, then I am to determine the severity of the situation Biblically.  Is it a sin or personal preference?  Can I simply move along without issue, do I need to extend forgiveness ("love covers a multitude of sins"), is it something I need to attempt to correct, or is it serious enough that I need to alert administration to take action?   If after reflection, I determine it is something that warrants administrative action by Christ Above Politics™ then I will email the details of the situation to [email protected] and cooperate with any investigative matter in order to resolve the situation.
  19.  For any other circumstances not covered above, all matters shall be handled on a case by case basis by Christ Above Politics™ ownership or leadership by using scripture, all information available to them, plus any applicable laws as guidance. 
  20.  These Terms of Membership are subject to change.  We will send email notifications as well as post alerts within the Members Secure Website regarding any changes of these terms; however, it is the responsibility of each member to stay current with the terms of membership.

Do you Agree with our Terms of Membership?
And the
Statement of Faith ?   If so, then the next step is to Join .